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CLIMB Works zipline Smoky Mountains

This was our first time ziplining and there might not be a better location to do so than the Great Smoky Mountains. We read reviews and watched YouTube videos to make our decision on witch zip line company to go with. We decided on CLIMB Works mainly because it has tandem ziplines so you can zip alongside someone else. It just seemed like that setup would be more fun for everyone and would allow me to get better video footage of the adventure.

You start off at their office location where you check in and get suited up with a zip harness and helmet. Afterwards you hop on a side by side (UTV) and take a nice little ride up the mountain on a dirt trail. At the top, you climb some stairs to an amazing view and the first zipline. We were all a little nervous at first, but that all went away just a few seconds after leaping off the first platform. If you want to be above the trees and have amazing mountain views while ziplining, then CLIMB Works is definitely the right choice for you. If that's not your cup of tea, then there are other zipline options like our Wahoo Ziplines adventure. There are 6 double lines and the adventure lasts two and a half hours start to finish. They do require you to check in 45 minutes prior to your reservation time.

Your zipline guides take group and individual pictures that can be purchased afterwards. They do allow cameras and GoPros if it has a wrist strap. If you loose a camera while ziplining, it's on you and I doubt you'll get it back.

We were very happy with the experience and highly recommend it.

Check out our video below and please rumble it!! Or follow this rumble link.

(The video may not play in Google Chrome)

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