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Front yard bass fishing - Fin Therapy session

I'm living out my childhood dream of being able to fish on my own property. We own 5 acres and have 2 ponds. While neither of my 2 ponds are as big as I'd like, it is so awesome to be able to walk out the door and go fishing anytime I want.

In this video I used one pole and one bait and caught a couple largemouth bass. My equipment is a 4ft 6in rod with a small spinning reel and 6lb test line. The bait was a finesse worm from a North Carolina company called Deep Creep Lures. I try to support small businesses whenever I can. I really like using light tackle to fish my pond because it intensifies the feel of the fight, especially with the smaller fish. I don't think I currently have any bass in my pond over 3lbs so light tackle is perfect.

I watch my videos and can't help but wonder if other people think I'm boring because of my lack of talking and enthusiasm. I've fished my whole life, but I'm just getting started on this adventure of filming my fishing trips. I'd love to know your opinion about it. I feel like I will make small improvements on every new video. I also need to upgrade my GoPro Hero 3 to something much better. Please feel free to leave a comment here, or on YouTube, rumble, Facebook or Instagram and let me know what you think or would like to see in future videos. Check out the video below or watch it on YouTube.

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