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Wahoo ziplines Smoky Mountains

We were given free passes to zipline at Wahoo ziplines so we went on the last day of our vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains. Wahoo ziplines is a short drive from Sevierville and Pigeon forge, TN. After checking in, we loaded a bus and took a short trip up through a resort subdivision. At the first line there were some nice views, but after that we were mostly in the trees until the last 2 lines. There are 6 zip lines. The first 4 are single rider lines, the 5th line is zipped with someone else, and the 6th is 2 lines side by side. From start to finish, it takes about an hour to zip all 6 lines. At the end of the 6th zipline the bus picks you up for a short ride back to Wahoo headquarters.

They have a photographer snapping pictures on the second zipline which are available to purchase afterwards. You are allowed to bring a GoPro, but it must be mounted on your helmet. They do have helmets with GoPro mounts and you can borrow or rent certain GoPro accessories from them at the office.

We had a great time, but to be honest we all agreed that we enjoyed CLIMB Works ziplines much more. CLIMB Works' dual ziplines and amazing views are hard to beat. However, If you prefer zipping through the trees and finishing in an hour, Wahoo is going to be a better fit for you.

Check out our video below or click this rumble link (Video may not play in Google Chrome)

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